This Nerf Gun Display Case Is Both Awesome And Easy To Build

If you’re anything like me, you spent the weekend raiding the Big W toy catalogue looking for cheap Nerf guns. Whether you walked away with a foam-firing pistol, bright yellow rifle or clear perspex chain gun, there’s still the question of storing your new arsenal. Try this idea from one of our awesome readers: a Nerf gun trophy case.

Knocked together with a few supplies from Ikea, the hardware store and a few ideas from the Men In Black franchise, this Nerf gun case made by Gizmodo Australia reader Andrew Bills is pure genius.

Bathed in blue light like something from another world during the evening, this thing is also great to look at, too.

In this configuration, it holds 8 guns and their relevant accessories, attachments and clips.

Andrew told us that the whole thing costs a little over $200 to make (including a hotdog from Ikea). Here’s how our foam-toting genius did it:

You’ll need:

    LED Lights from Ikea – $69
    Shelf – $30 (Ikea is convenient but you could just get some wood when you get the mounting)
    Shelf brackets – $20 (make sure you get the right size)
    Couple of lengths of wood for mounting – $5 + Another $10 if you don’t have black spray paint
    Metal pegboard – $50 (if you want to go cheap again you could get particleboard & paint)
    Hooks for the pegboard – I spent $40 because I ordered overseas instead of hunting around and needed that many, but you could probably get them cheaper, local and the right number for your own collection.
    Hotdog from Ikea, because you went there on a Saturday and want a reward – $1
    Total Cost – $210 (including Hotdog)

Take two lengths of pine and spray paint them in black. These will be used to mount your shelf and pegboard to the wall. Measure and mount once dry.

Run your LED lights where you want them to go before mounting the pegboard to save yourself unnecessary stress later, before putting up your brackets.

Mount the pegboard and install your hooks, ensuring all the cables are connected properly and running behind to the bottom.

Hang your guns and admire your work.

The Monday-morning “Well Played” award goes to you, Andrew Bills.

Image: Andrew Bills