Mike Daisey Returns With Modified Show With Wozniak To Boot

Remember Mike Daisey? The guy who put together a monologue about the atrocities at Chinese gadget sweatshop Foxconn, only to later admit that some of the most shocking “facts” in the story were made up? He’s back to perform the monologue once again, only this time with a twist.

Daisey says on his website that the upcoming performances of his monologue The Agony And The Ecstacy Of Steve Jobs in Washington DC won’t contain any of the fibs he told the first time around.

His website reads:

Following the recent media storm generated by Mike Daisey’s appearance on This American Life and its subsequent retraction, Steve Jobs returns to Woolly this July—stronger, sharper, and more important than ever. This all-new version cuts the contested material and addresses the controversy head on, using the struggle over fact and fiction to tell an even better story that pierces the heart of our human relationship with our labor.

If you think you’ve seen it before, you don’t know this story. If you think you heard it on the radio, you haven’t heard anything. And if you’ve never seen it, now is the moment to experience what many are calling the most notorious and controversial play of the decade.

Daisey has already bitten his audience once with lies, we know that much. How do we know this latest opus isn’t just more fabrication? We don’t, but we’re meant to be comforted by the fact that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will also be there to do a Q&A with Daisey at the conclusion of the monologue.

Wozniak was famously brought to tears by the first iteration of the show — the one filled with half-truths — and it will be interesting to see if the new show has the same effect on the man. [AFP]