Culturemodo: The Apple Monologue That Made Wozniak Cry

Brilliant storyteller and Apple fanboy Mike Daisey is currently in Sydney performing his acclaimed monologue ‘The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs’. The one-man show is full of quirky anecdotes about geek culture, the working conditions of gadget mills in China, and a frank look at the relationship between Steve Jobs and Apple. It’s a work of nonfiction that made Apple’s co-founder cry and will make you ask yourself some hard questions.

But Mike doesn’t make you squirm uncomfortably, he even indirectly answers some of those questions for you. He alternates his personal experience speaking with factory workers in Shenzhen with a comedic look at Steve Jobs’s relationship with Apple over the years. His witty humour will have you pissing your pants with laughter, and you’ll learn lots of little things about the recently resigned CEO along the way.

Directed by Daisey’s wife, Jean-Michele Gregory, the monologue runs for two hours and Daisey himself describes it as the best work he’s ever done. The adults-only performance is running at the Sydney Opera House until October 2, and tickets are $45. If there’s one show you see this year, make sure it’s this. Your inner geek will thank you for it. [Sydney Opera House]