Gamago Telephoto Kitchen Lens Timer Review: Not Telephoto, Can’t Tell Time

Gamago Telephoto Kitchen Lens Timer Review: Not Telephoto, Can’t Tell Time

Sure, your phone has a timer. But using a dedicated kitchen timer is nice — no grease on the touchscreen, for one thing. So how about a charming timer shaped like a camera lens? Can it “Bring Your Cooking Into Focus”?

What Is It?

A wind-up kitchen timer that looks like it came off a DSLR.

Who’s It For?

Anyone who can tolerate burned cookies for the sake of a whimsical photo trinket.


Resembles a black 24 to 105 f/4 lens. Winds up manually by twisting the rings.

Using It

Wind it up to the desired time. It ticks. At an arbitrary stopping point, it buzzes.

The Best Part

Camera lenses look cool.

Tragic Flaw

It can’t tell time.

This Is Weird…

It keeps ticking after the buzzer sounds. This is no atomic clock.

Test Notes

  • Tested the timer against a digital timer for 1, 3, and 10 minutes. The Lens was off every time. On the 10-minute test, it buzzed with a minute remaining on the digital countdown.
  • Didn’t burn homemade pizzas despite an unreliable timer.
  • This does not imitate a telephoto lens.

Should You Buy It?

Definitely not. This is cute, but a kitchen timer has to be able to accurately count time.

Every kitchen needs a timer — it’s not a good environment for a smartphone. Harry recently acquired this sharp red timer for $US5. A strong magnet holds it on the fridge, and it works perfectly every day.

Gamago Telephoto Kitchen Lens Timer

• Price: $US14

• Material: plastic

• Color: black

• Size: Four inches tall

Gizrank: 1.0 stars

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