Don’t Want Your Phone Stolen? Stop Using It To Check The Time

Don’t Want Your Phone Stolen? Stop Using It To Check The Time

Smartphones are obvious targets for thieves. The devices are expensive, they’re small, and they’re easy to steal. No Handcuffs — a blog centered around keeping you out of trouble — notes that one of the easiest ways to fall victim to having your phone stolen is to use it to check for the time when someone asks.

Here’s why that can be problematic:

  1. Whether you use your watch or cell phone, you’re looking down at them. This small distraction is all a thief needs to push you, hit you, take your phone, etc.
  2. Asking for the time will cause most people to take out their cell phones. The thief can easily grab the phone from your hands and run away. It also invites the thief to see what type of cell phone you have. iPhones are very popular and a thief wouldn’t have to ask more than three or four people for the time before someone pulled their iPhone out to check.

We know Lifehacker readers are somewhat divided on the watch-versus-mobile question, but this is a good argument in favour of a watch. Whether you use a phone or watch, don’t stop walking if someone asks for the time; that makes it easier to get close to you. Answer the question if you wish, but keep moving.

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Originally published on Lifehacker Australia