Sydney Travel Gets Classy As Uber Launches In Australia

There are a swathe of apps you can use around the country to order a cab to wherever you want to go. The problem with those is that once you get in, it’s still the same, old taxi experience. Transport start-up, Uber, launched the US last year, and the concept is perfect: order a private, luxury car to where you are via an app, relax on your journey, and get out knowing that the journey has already been charged to your credit card. Sounds awesome, right? Well the good news here is that Uber has just opened for business in Australia.

Uber launched in the US in January of last year as a classy private car company that aspired to bring cashless transport to the masses. Cars used in the US range from BMW 7 Series sedans through to Cadillacs and Lincolns.

The Uber crew have just launched Down Under with the help of sleek, black Holden Caprice luxury sedans to take you to and from your location.

So who was their first customer? The indie band Art Vs Science, of course! The guys from Art Vs Science took an Uber car to their latest recording session.

Uber is trying to test on the down-low right now, so it’s more like a real-world beta rather than a general release right now. Says Uber of its Sydney pilot:

Our First Fleet (see what they did there?) is being tested in Australia and we’re bound to hit some snags. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be tinkering with our pricing, placement, and positioning.

While we’re in “test mode,” you can request an Uber, but be aware that availability will be limited until our official launch. If you’re one of the lucky few that’s able to grab an Uber, make sure you shoot us heaps of feedback on your experience so that we can make our Sydney launch hotter than this summer’s going to be. You can chat with us at or chuck us a tweet @Uber_Sydney.

Don’t go railing against Uber for its limited beta, though. It’s probably a good thing. The Sydney Taxi industry is a cutthroat environment, and the last thing Uber wants to do is fall foul of the industry or the regulators.

Welcome to Australia, Uber!

Image: Uber/Art Vs. Science

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