This Lamp Recreates The Weather Using Liquid Nitrogen, Suction And Light… Inside Your House

The humble lamp is being reinvented all the time, but other than improving brightness and energy efficiency, there’s not much demand for technological progress in the field of illumination. I guess if you can’t go up, you can always go sideways… so, guys, how about a lamp that recreates the weather inside? Any takers?

If you’ve been hiding such an idea away in your mind closet, too bad, Switzerland’s Micasa LAB has beaten you to the punch with its concept lamp, the Nebula 12.

Using a combination of Wi-Fi to retrieve 48 hours’ worth of weather information, a light, suction and liquid nitrogen to create “clouds”, the lamp can inform you of low-pressure areas (red clouds), overcast conditions (uh, regular clouds) and sunshine (well, that’s what the light is for). I’m not sure what other weather phenomena it would want to produce. Snow? Hail? Acid rain? Tornadoes? That’s one dangerous lamp, to be sure.

The Nebula 12 seems to interface specifically with Lumia phones (going by the promotional images), but you’d hope it will support anything with Wi-Fi, for all of us not in possession of Nokia’s brand of smartphone.

[The Nebula Project, via Inhabitat]

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