R18+ Ratings For Video Games Are Now Live In Australia

It’s my pleasure to inform you today that you have woken up in a better Australia than ever. Is it because it’s a new year and all the birds are singing in the trees? Maybe. Mostly it’s because the R18+ legislation for video games came into effect around the country today, meaning gamers are now going to be treated like grown-ups.

The legislation allowing for R18+ rated games actually came into effect at 12:01am on New Year’s Day as the sound of fireworks and cheering helped ring in the changing of the calendar. Despite the early-morning changeover, however, you still can’t get your hands on any R18+ games.

That’s not because anyone is holding them back from you, though. The simple fact is that there aren’t any games currently on the market that are classified as R18+. Time will tell as to the first game to hit the long-awaited classification level.

It’s worth pointing out that while the rest of us celebrate R18+ for video games, Queensland is still dragging its feet. It’s now the only state that doesn’t have an R18+ rating yet. Don’t worry though, Queenslanders, it’s coming. [Kotaku Australia]