Eradicate Lunchtime Stains With A Desktop Washing Machine

Eradicate Lunchtime Stains With A Desktop Washing Machine

If you always skip the drippy sandwiches and burgers at lunch because you don’t want to spill and stain your shirt, the Swoosh will let you indulge with complete peace of mind. It’s a compact desk-friendly washing machine that will banish any lunchtime stain in just 18 minutes.

Available in Japan on February 15 (and presumably from importers shortly thereafter), the Swoosh has a tiny capacity of just 250 grams, but that’s more than enough to keep a pair of socks fresh or your blouse free of ketchup drips.

You will need access to a sink to fill and drain it, or a water cooler with at least five litres in the tank, as well as some way to dry your garment afterwards. But for $US160, it means you don’t have to spend your afternoon hiding in your cubicle after having a nasty run-in with barbecue sauce at lunch.

[King Jim via Fareastgizmos]

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