The Next Xbox: Someone Has One And Has Spilled The Beans

The Next Xbox: Someone Has One And Has Spilled The Beans

Meet SuperDaE. You may remember him from such stories as the guy who tried to sell an Xbox Durango (read: the next Xbox) development kit on eBay, and has since been pouring over more dev kits, whitepapers and manuals to get as much information about Microsoft’s newest console as possible. Now he says he’s ready to share it with the world, and his information looks pretty solid. Find out what’s in the next Xbox right here.

SuperDaE told Kotaku a whole mess of information about the new Xbox, codenamed Durango.

It will reportedly feature Blu-ray functionality, souped-up Kinect cameras that track you right down to your thumbs, a processing powerhouse under the hood, the ability to multi-task games so you can play more than one at once and a “natural evolution” of Xbox 360’s controller.

Not only does SuperDaE claim to know what’s in the new console, he says he’s played a few new games, too. He likened the experience to jumping from Halo 2 on an original Xbox right up to Crysis on a high-end gaming PC.

SuperDaE claims we’ll see the next Xbox in June around the time of the E3.

For a massive write-up of the leak, head over to Kotaku. [Kotaku]

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