This Guy Probably Had A Crazier Weekend Than You Did

What did you get up to this weekend? Personally I played Nerf guns with my friends around my apartment for two hours (who says turning 25 means growing up?). As fun as that was, however, I guarantee you it wasn’t anywhere near as interesting as skateboarding from Sydney to Wollongong in freezing temperatures, lashing winds and fierce rains for the sheer hell of it.

Rohan Nowell is a developer working for Virgin Mobile in Sydney right now, and in his spare time on Saturday, he decided — for the sheer hell of it — to ride his skateboard from Sydney to Wollongong: a trip just shy of 100km.

The weather was against him and so was his equipment, but Rohan wasn’t about to be beaten that easily. He accomplished his 100km mission in around 12 hours, tweeting his journey as he went.

The trip involved taking motorways and freeways where he could have easily been struck by a car or told off by the police, but none of that transpired. Instead, we’re left with a heartwarming tale of one lunatic’s adventure, which you should read right now. [Rotub via Reddit Australia]

Skating image via Shutterstock