You Can Now Buy Apple Juice Made By A Music Streaming Service

You know the old idea that if you play music to fruit it will grow better? Well now the Telstra-supported music streaming service, MOG, has taken the idea and run with it, bringing out its own line of juices that were created by playing music to apples.

MOG released a video on the growing process which saw a farmer play three tunes non-stop, day-and-night to his crops in order to get them to grow differently. A scientist was involved in the growing process because legitimacy, I guess.

Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes and Lady GaGa’s Born This Way were the three songs chosen to be played to the apples, and they have since been harvested, juiced and put on sale.

However you cut it, it sounds weird. You can drink either Elvis’, Cobain’s or GaGa’s juice, or you can drink streaming juice, or you can drink musical science juice, or MOGJuice.

Would you drink this musical science juice?