Aussie Baked, Multi-Layered Earth Cake Is Both Educational And Delicious

I never had the pleasure (pain?) of constructing anything out of paper mache during my school years, but if I’d been tasked with making a replica of Earth, I can only hope I’d have been creative enough to try this tasty alternative instead, which features not one, but three layers, not includes creams and fondant.

This Earth layer cake, put together by one “Cake Crumbs” of Melbourne, was designed to add a little more deliciousness to a geological sciences class. Originally unable to come up with a way to not only bake a spherical cake, but to have several different layers, the creator eventually resorted to a hemispherical one instead.

Turns out that wasn’t even the hard part:

When I started this cake I was determined for pin-point accuracy. I was going to make every country and every island so damn accurate a pilot could use it as their navigation system. But by the time I got to Europe, it was more like, “Yeah, that’s the general shape.” By the time I got to the Americas I was wondering if that continent was even necessary. I missed a whole heap of islands above Australia and settled instead for the main ones. Cutting out the countries wasn’t that cake walk I’d imagined it to be.

Here are the layers, inside to out:

  • Vanilla buttercake
  • Lemon Maderia sponge
  • Orange Maderia sponge
  • Chocolate buttercream
  • Marshmallow fondant

For more pictures, head on over to Cake Crumbs via the link below.

[Cake Crumbs, via Neatorama]

Photos: Cake Crumbs / Rhiannon