Report: Samsung Will Roll Out 5G By 2020, Promising 1Gbps Download

Report: Samsung Will Roll Out 5G By 2020, Promising 1Gbps Download

Korea’s Yonhap News Agency is reporting that Samsung is busy testing the future of mobile internet connections — and it’s set to be lightning fast.

The news agency describes recent tests by Samsung of a 5G platform that should be available by 2020. The prototype 5G devices use radios with 64 antenna elements, which have so far been capable of providing downloads at a blistering 1Gbps. To put that in perspective, 4G users in Australia can expect speeds of around 50Mbps on a great day. That’s 950Mbps slower than Samsung’s theoretical network. Holy crap, amiright? 1Gbps is what the National Broadband Network Company plans to offer come December over a fixed (not wireless) connection. This is pretty impressive.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of 5G — and nor is 1Gbps the absolute top limit of what the technology can achieve — but it is a significant way-marker which suggests that it’s very much on its way. The only problem will be how quickly you chew through that data allowance. [Yohap News via EvLeaks via Engadget]

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