Bird’s Eye Panorama Of Brisbane At Dusk Is A Brilliant Bit Of Photography

Having never stepped foot in Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city is a mystery to me. While I have no idea what the food or people are like, I now know it’s a beautiful sight from above — especially when the sun’s getting ready for its daily nap — thanks to this amazing panorama.

The panorama is courtesy of Andrew Griffiths and his aptly-named business Lensaloft. Going by the company’s other 360 extravaganzas, the photographers (or at least their cameras) spend a great deal of time in the air inside helicopters, blimps and other flying contraptions, though cranes are a part of the arsenal too.

Melbournians can enjoy a similar experience of the CBD and Southbank, while Sydney-siders can take in the harbour’s lovely views from a uniquely-airborne vantage point.