iPhone Apps Of The Week: GroupMe, Thunderspace, And More

iPhone Apps Of The Week: GroupMe, Thunderspace, And More

This was a wonderfully exciting week to be an iPhone app. You know, assuming iPhone apps are sentient. But even if they aren’t, at least they can fake it now thanks to GroupMe’s adorable if not mildly bizarre emoji additions. And that’s just the beginning! Dive in to see all the great iPhone apps we’ve rounded up for you this week.

: GroupMe’s a lifechanger. You should use it. This week it got emoji (good) that for some insane reason use its logo in place of a human head, and then attach things like beards and devil horns and headphones to it (uhh). The emoji update is just on iOS (iPhone and iPad), but will be on Android and Windows Phone 8 “soon”. [Free]

: Here’s an app that’s supposed to relax you with thunder. “Thunderspace.” Your not just getting the wimpy babbling brook and rustling leaves that normal sound soothers give you, this is a hi-fi, immersive, stereoscopic experience for those people who are lulled to sleep with thunder’s gentle roar. And if all that isn’t real enough for you, there’s even flashing lights to round out the thunder-soaking-in experience. Which probably isn’t ideal for those with a tendency towards epilepsy, so — uh, watch out for that. [$1]

: Just as its name might suggest, Congress let’s you keep track of what’s going on with US Congress. You can contact legislators, read up all the legislation that will never ever see the light of day, and gives you background information from the non-partisan Sunlight Foundation. Of course for the app to actually be use, Congress is going to have to, you know, do something. [Free]

Groopic: The group shot dilemma — it’s the bane of both narcissists and scrapbooking enthusiasts alike. But what are you supposed to do when you want to snap a pic of a precious moment between friends, but the only person around to take the picture is, well, you? Fortunately for you, Groopic has taken it upon itself to leave no group shot incomplete. [$2]

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