iiNet Cans 20GB NBN Satellite Plan

iiNet has announced it’s ceasing new sales of its upper tier 20GB Satellite plan effective immediately.

That leaves the telco with only a $39.95 10GB plan offering, which isn’t a great deal of data at all. Existing customers can still stay on the plan, for what that’s worth.

So why dump the higher capacity plan? In a statement, iiNet’s Steve Dalby says that

“The popularity of both our 10GB and 20GB plans have put considerable strain on the network designed by NBNCo. With no possibility of a network upgrade available from NBNCo, each new customer was adversely impacting the speed and experience of our current satellite customers. So, we have decided, after careful consideration and for the benefit of the 6000 customers already connected to iiNet’s interim satellite service to only offer our very attractive 10GB plan. We will withdraw our 20GB NBN-Satellite plan for new sales effective immediately.”

It’s not all doom and gloom if you’re a remote NBN customer, however, as iiNet states it’s ready to offer larger and faster services in 2015 when the interim satellite service that’s causing issues is replaced.

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