A City Getting Google Fiber Explains How Awesome Google Fiber Is

A City Getting Google Fiber Explains How Awesome Google Fiber Is

Google Fiber — which for most of us is an idea better than any dream we’ve ever had, even a completed NBN — is expanding. After blessing Kansas City with superlightspeed internet, it’s moving on to Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. Chances are you probably don’t live there if you’re reading this on your lunch break right now. Chances are you might have not even heard of Provo. Chances are you’re wondering why it’s not your city getting Google Fiber and not Provo.

Provo, of course, could care less. The city is going to get Google Fiber and it has made a cheeky ad showing the difference between broadband and fibre for Utes to understand.

It’s making me fume with jealousy as I watch it.

Way back when the last Labor government was swept in to power, Google Australia’s engineering director Alan Noble told us all why Australia will probably never get Google Fiber.

“In theory, the NBN should fulfil that need in Australia. Restricting the NBN to 100Mbps speeds is purely a commercial decision, not a technical one. There is no technical reason the NBN could not run at Gbps speeds.

Now that the latest Coalition government has taken power and a fibre-to-the-node NBN looks more and more likely, it’s a wonder whether Google AU isn’t reconsidering. [Provo City via Laughing Squid]

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