Gizmodo Adventure Rides: What Should We Test Drive Next?

It’s been a crazy week here at Giz. We met amazing Australian engineers and personally test drove some crazy gear: folding boats, water jetpacks, motorised surfboards and electric dirt bikes. But what do we try next? As you’ll see in this video, we have some ideas…

Ideally, we want to support innovations in and around Australia. So check out the video above and let us know if you’ve got something in mind we haven’t thought (or heard) about.

The crazier, the better!

Meet Quickboats:
The Aussie-Made Folding Boat Of The Future

Australia is home to 23 million people, give or take a few. Most of those people live in the cities which polka-dot this beautiful coastline of ours, and even more of them live in tiny apartments around those cities. So how are Aussies meant to enjoy the great Australian dream of getting out onto the water that surrounds our glorious nation? Meet Quickboats: an Aussie-built boat that packs flat into the size of a stand up paddleboard within one minute.


Jetpack Joyride:
The Aussie Cowboys Making The Water Jetpack World Safer

You could be forgiven for thinking that two Aussie blokes in a Western Sydney field don’t really care about how safe a water jetpack is, just how high and fast it goes, right? Wrong. Situated in the most unassuming of places are Australia’s foremost experts on water jetpacks, and they’re flying around the clock to keep the world safe. As you’ll see in this test drive video, I came out in one piece. Mostly.


Inside Power Boards:
Meet The Aussie Tony Stark Of Surfing

The sweet smell of resin fills the air. Drawers full of propeller concepts, cable arrays, batteries and tools line workbenches. Stacked to the side is the fruit of 10 years of work: the world’s best motorised surfboard, built, backed and ridden by Aussies. It’s not just going to change the surfing world forever, it’s going to save lives too. Come with us on a hands-on tour of the revolutionary Power Board.


Gizmodo Test Drives Stealth Bikes:
Australian Technology Meets Electric Dirt Bike Speed

The word “genius” gets thrown around a lot these days, but very rarely is it as deserved as it is for John Karambalis who, after eight years of work with a few school mates, has become the Sir James Dyson of the bike world. Meet Stealth Bikes: the world’s best electric bike, made right here in Australia. Watch us take it for a spin!