HTC Media Link HD Box: Wirelessly Connect Your HTC Phone To Your TV

Your smartphone is the one device you always carry with you, and you use it all the time. It’s the obvious place to store all your favourite music, movies and photos. But sometimes you want to share those files with other people on a larger screen than the HTC One or new HTC One mini display — that’s where the HTC Media Link HD comes in.

To use the HTC Media Link HD just plug it into power and your TV’s HDMI port. From there, switch on Wi-Fi on your HTC One, HTC One mini or other compatible HTC phone, and the Media Link HD will be automatically connected.

You can also automatically connect to any Media Link HD accessory by swiping up the HTC One mini’s screen with three fingers. This works from any location or app on your phone, and searching works quickly and seamlessly over Wi-Fi. Once you swipe up, everything else happens automatically.

Once you’ve found and connected to your HTC Media Link HD, the rest is simple — all you have to do is go into your photo and video gallery to browse through your favourite media files, then send them to the big screen. Again, just swipe up with three fingers. The photo or video is sent to the Media Link HD and displayed in full size on your big-screen TV. The Media Link HD also works with YouTube and other media apps, so you can share more with your friends.

You can also save up to 30 photos directly on the HTC Media Link HD, so you can use it as a digital photo frame.

An intelligent Dual Screen mode lets you multitask by running another app like email, a Web browser or a game while you’re showing off a video or photo slideshow on the HTC Media Link HD.

Remote Control

It also helps that your HTC smartphone can replace your TV remote control. The One has a built-in app that can control your TV — just enter its brand and model number, test it out, and you’re ready to go. Using this, you can turn the TV on and off, change the volume, and switch to using the HTC Media Link HD.

With the HTC Media Link HD, you can share all your favourite music, movies and photos, as well as content from apps like YouTube, from your HTC One or HTC One mini directly to the big screen.

Find out how you can use the HTC Media Link HD with the HTC One mini at HTC Australia’s website.

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