How To Stream Netflix And Hulu In Australia, And Other Stuff Geoblockers Don’t Want Known

Quickflix, BigPond Movies, catch-up TV services. They’re all good, but some of us still pine for amazing services Netflix and Hulu in Australia. It’s unlikely they’ll ever come to Australia, so to get at them, you’ll have to tunnel through to the US. Here are the best free and paid services for doing just that.

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Before You Start…

…a word of caution.

Tunnelling through into another geolocation via a proxy service is still a legal grey area. Sure, it’s not as bad as torrenting content, which is tantamount to just outright theft, but it’s certainly sitting in an area that hasn’t been legally tested.

If you want to be sure where you stand legally, try any of these legal streaming services we covered earlier in the week.

With that said, let’s go.


Hola is the easiest solution imaginable for tunnel-through.

It’s a free extension for Firefox and Chrome that, once installed, lets you simply flip the switch into the On position and bam: you have yourself a proxy tunnel-through.

So what does it allow you to do? Access Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Netflix for a start, but you get access to so much more if you install the Windows Extension, including AETV, Google Play, Syfy, YouTube and Pandora.

The best part? It’s free and it doesn’t slow down your connection.

Unblock.Us is one of the simplest ways to get around region-blocked content, blocks from your ISP, or any other restrictions you run into. You get a free week-long trial, and it’s $US4.99 a month after that.

Both services also support set-top boxes such as the Apple TV and Playstation 3.


If you want an incredibly easy-to-use on-off switch, Tunnelbear works wonders. Simply download the software, flip the switch to the location you want, and you can start streaming immediately. When you want your normal internet back, turn it off. The free version will only get you 500MB of data for the month (probably less than an hour of streaming); $US4.99/month gets you unlimited access.

Thorin Klosowski also contributed to this article.