HTC One, HTC One mini Camera Fun: Group Photo Features That Will Have Everyone Smiling

When you’re taking a photo with your camera, you can’t always guarantee you’ll hit the shutter button at just the right time. This happens most often with group photos — with so many faces to look at, there’s a chance you’ll end up with one or more closed eyes, odd expressions or other problems with your photo. The HTC One and new HTC One mini solve these problems by making it easy to take group photos.

They boast a host of features that can clean up your images and combine multiple frames into one to capture a single impressive group portrait.

All these features revolve around the HTC’s Zoe camera mode. Zoe captures 20 photos and three seconds of video with a single press of the shutter button, and saves all these photos as a single batch for easy sorting. So all you’ve got to do is select Zoe mode, frame your group shot and hit that camera button.

After you’ve saved a Zoe, you can tweak it several different ways to get the best group shot. All you need to do is find the Zoe in your HTC One or HTC One mini photo gallery and hit the Edit button, and choose the Retouch menu.

You can choose the Always Smile option, which lets you scroll through a list of photos for each face in your group photo and pick the most attractive one. You can use the Face Contour mode to slim down cheekbones and jaw lines, and touch up makeup with Skin Smoothing and Eye Enhancer. If you’ve got intrusive movement in the background of your photo, use Object Removal to intelligently find and edit them out.

Taking group photos is incredibly easy. Zoe mode captures multiple photos and video with a single click, and lets you edit your images simply to get the best possible group shot.

See why the HTC One and new HTC One mini are perfect for group photos at
HTC Australia’s website.

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