Kogan Threatened Over Fake Leak By ClickFrenzy Lunatics

Finally! Something interesting happened around ClickFrenzy! This morning, we got a press release from Kogan about him “leaking” his prices for ClickFrenzy. He’s now reportedly being threatened with legal action over the “leak”. Cue screaming.

For those lucky enough not to know what ClickFrenzy is, it’s a flawed marketing exercise that sees brands reportedly pay loads of cash to have their discounted crap advertised on a site “trafficked by millions of people”. It has happened a few times now, and each one has been as botched and uninspiring as the last.

Kogan decided to get in on this one, and generate a bit of press for himself in the process by fake-leaking his prices.

Here’s the body of the press release we got this morning:

Kogan.com deals leaked ahead of Click Frenzy

Australian shoppers shouldn’t have to wait until 7pm tonight to get the Click Frenzy online shopping deals for Christmas.

The country’s biggest online retailer (Kogan.com) has jumped the gun by 12 hours with a lot of specials (up to 80% off) the latest technology:


The deals are live as of 7am this morning and all the details are below.

We didn’t write it mostly because there was other stuff going on and who gives a fuck about ClickFrenzy anyway?

The Age is reporting that Kogan is now being threatened with legal action over the “leak”.

The ClickFrenzy idiots are saying that Kogan, by creating “Kogan Frenzy” (seriously) has violated their registered trademark and have issued a cease-and-desist letter.

Ruslan Kogan has responded saying that Click Frenzy is meant to replicate the US’ Cyber Monday sales, and that one central body should — quite rightly — not have exclusive squatting rights over one crappy sale.

Ruslan Kogan makes a huge amount of sense on this issue, and I’d say again, who fucking cares so much about ClickFrenzy that you’d be taken to court over it?

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