Check Out An Always-On London In This Nifty Timelapse

Even though you know they’re made from real photographs, the sped-up nature of timelapses gives them a slightly fake, surreal quality. Watching a never-ending stream of people condensed into a smudge of colours is disconcerting; it almost trivialises the day-to-day activities of the average person. This slick timelapse of London by photographer Paul Richardson is a terrific example.

The nearly three-minute timelapse was compiled from 18,000 photos — totalling 364GB — captured during an eight-day cycling trip around London. A Canon 6D was the weapon of choice, along with a “home-built” dolly and an emotimo TB3.

In the video description, Richardson laments the poor weather, which he says forced him to take his shots at night. While I’m sure some more day shots would have been great, I think cities such as London are at there most impressive when the lights are on, something you can only really appreciate in the sun’s absence.

[Vimeo, via PetaPixel]