Livescribe Lets You Capture Your Pen Strokes Into OneNote

The Livescribe 3 is an awesome little gadget that makes paper relevant again, but its love of Evernote could turn some hardcore Office users off. Thankfully, Livescribe has made a deal that will give you the ability to capture pen strokes into OneNote on PC and Mac.

It all works via an app called Outline. It’s the first third-party app to use Livescribe 3’s private SDK and the ability to capture pen strokes to dump them into different apps.

Simply install Outline and pair your Livescribe 3 with the app and it gives you the ability to write words on a page and have them immediately be recorded by the app for sharing, storage and reference.

Outline also takes into account the smart paper used in the Livescribe notebooks and snaps back and forth between virtual pages automatically whenever it recognises you’ve gone to another page.

Outline has a free and a premium version, and will be released in the next few weeks.

Android Support

The Livescribe 3 copped a bit of flak when it launched in Australia for not supporting the Android ecosystem.

Livescribe yesterday assured us that it is working on compatibility, and added that the delay was due to an unstable Bluetooth Low Energy stack.

Bluetooth 4 or Bluetooth Low Energy as it’s also known is the key to supporting the Livescribe 3, and the company found that the Bluetooth stack in Android 4.3 wasn’t up to scratch, nor were there enough Bluetooth 4 devices in market yet running Android.

It has since looked at the Bluetooth stack in Android 4.4 and decided it’s much more stable and will look to support it later in the year.

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