• Great Gadgets For Going Back To Uni

    You’ve got your tablets, laptops and your smartphones for going back to uni, but what about the gadgets? There are hundreds of them: which ones are right for you and your studies? Here’s stuff you might actually get some use out of.

  • Livescribe Now Lets You Transcribe Your Audio Notes

    How many times have you started recording stuff on your Livescribe smart-pen, only to realise at the end of a lecture, interview or meeting that you forgot to take any notes. Oops. Don’t worry, though: Livescribe feels your pain and has partnered with a new transcription service to help.

  • Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smart Pen Review: Old Dog, New Tricks

    [clear] The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the tablet is killing the pen, and it’s a death that is happening slowly and painfully before our eyes. Just as email is killing printing, the pen is going the way of the dinosaur. What happens then, when someone comes in to teach this old…