Stand Up Straight: ‘Lift’ Is Watching Your Posture

We all know by now that poor posture can have long-lasting health impacts, and that sitting- and standing-up straight are important. We lead sedentary lives, but the Lumo Lift is here to save you from death-by-slouching.

The Lift is a little dongle that magnetically clips onto your clothes and senses your standing and sitting position, the angle of your back and the amount in which you move every day.

The dongle is rounded and smooth and sits on the inside of your clothes, with the only thing visible from the outside being a quant, square-shaped magnet (which comes in several colours). If you don’t want anyone to see your square, simply clip it onto your collar or onto your bra for women.

It uses an accelerometer and some clever maths to figure out when you start to slouch. Rather than send an alert to your phone which you might ignore, the little Lift dongle buzzes inside your shirt to tell you to stand up straight again.

You can pair it with your phone via Bluetooth, and set goals for yourself on how well you stand and sit in terms of posture, and how many steps you end up doing in a day.

The device goes on sale today internationally for $US99, but you can score an early-bird discount and get the Lift for just $59.

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