This Reflective Umbrella Surrounds You In A Super-Safe Halo Of Light

This Reflective Umbrella Surrounds You In A Super-Safe Halo Of Light

To me, whimsical umbrellas — you know, the kind printed with Starry Night or cats — have always seemed like a mockery of the rain-drenched commuter’s misery. But this reflective version actually makes practical sense, since it turns its owner into a glowing beacon of safety.

The umbrella was designed by British-born, Hong Kong-based designer Yee-Ling Wan, and it’s covered with tiny reflective beads that function just like the stuff you find on safety vests or bike reflectors. By capitalising on retroflection — the optical phenomenon of a material that returns light to its source without much scattering — it surrounds you in a halo of light on busy nighttime streets.

At $42, it’s a little more expensive than your average umbrella. But there is an added bonus — the fact that thing this is basically an umbrella-shaped drone shield. [MoMA Store]

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