Watch: Soderbergh’s New ‘Psycho’ Cut Butchers Hitchcock And Van Sant

Stephen Soderbergh is a big fan of Psycho. The original Hitchcock thriller is 54 years old now, so we think it’s ripe for a bit of re-interpretation. Gus Van Sant’s 1999 shot-for-shot remake is newer, but as a tribute work we reckon the rules are a little looser. So does Soderbergh, apparently — he’s made a mash-up of the two films and posted it online.

On his personal website Extension 765 — the name is a reference to a Harrison Ford quip in The Conversation by Francis Ford Coppola, if you needed any extra evidence that Soderbergh is a film nerd — the semi-retired director has hosted the entire film, for any fan to stream free of charge.

Psychos, as it’s inventively named, alternates between the 1954 and 1999 films, with the newer Gus Van Sant version flattened to the same monochrome toning as the original to smooth transitions between shots. There’s one distinct exception, though: the iconic shower scene, in soft black and white for Janet Lee, is maintained in vibrant colour for Anne Heche’s simultaneous demise.

It must have been quite an interesting exercise for Soderbergh; a Hitchcock rookie might struggle to follow the plot of Psychos, but anyone who has watched at least one of the two films will be able to keep up. Check it out. [Extension 765]

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