900-Megapixel Portraits Turn The Human Face Into A Crazy Landscape

We’ve seen stitched together “gigapixel” photos made of a billion pixels before, but they tend to be reserved for huge landscapes. Photographer Daniel Boschung has taken absurdly high resolution methodology and applied it to a much smaller area: The human face.

Boschung’s “Face Cartographies” are captured by a robot that’s been programmed specifically for the task. Each 900-megapixel face map is comprised of 600 individual photos, taken by a Canon 5D Mark II outfitted with a 180mm macro lens. The process of taking all of the photos required for the the final composite image takes about 30 minutes to complete. That’s a long time for the models to sit still!

What do you see deep in a human face at a resolution of 900 million pixels? You see all the glorious texture that makes us more than just a two dimensional painting or just a simple low-resolution photograph. Indeed, it’s more than we can see with the unaided eye, since the photos are higher resolution than what your eye can see .

Head over to Robophot to see the collection of Boschung’s portraits. Zoom all the way in, and try to to get lost in the maze that’s in each of our faces. [Robophot via ISO 1200 via Pop Photo]

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