How Much Money Do Tech Giants Like Apple, Google, Microsoft And Others Make Every Minute?

Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are giant companies that post dizzying revenues every single quarter. But how much do they make in 60 seconds?

Worldpayz Inc. created an awesome visualiser to show off just how much revenue big tech companies make in a short span of time, and we’d thought we’d set the timer for one minute to see how much everyone makes.

All amounts below are in $US and based on current earnings reports.


In 60 seconds, Apple makes a dizzying $328,965 in revenue. Translate that into profit, and it’s still an insanely high $71,288. Per second, Apple makes over $1100 in pure profit.


Microsoft rakes in $149,843 in revenue in 60 seconds, and manages to convert $42,082 of that into profit.


Google nets $115,150 of revenue in one minute, and converts $23,509 of that into profit.


New tech giant Samsung nabs an astronomical $413,768 of revenue in a sixty second cash grab, and stashes $55,003 in profit.


HP is a surprisingly good earner, netting $216,149 every minute in revenue, but converting a pitiful $9841 of it into pure profit.


Amazon is another giant that struggles with converting revenue to profit, earning $143,304 of revenue in one minute, but keeping only $1434 in profit.


Who knew you could get rich giving people a free social network to use? Facebook nabs $15,152 of revenue in 60 seconds, with $2887 of that coming in as profit.


Poor Twitter. It’s a company that has always struggled with revenue and profitability, which is reflected in current earnings: it makes $1280 in revenue in one minute, but at the same time it loses $1242 by doing so. Oh dear. Even Yahoo! and LinkedIn are more profitable


The troubled internet giant now only pulls in $9009 of revenue per minute, and gets to keep just over 10 per cent of it, booking $924 of profit.


LinkedIn doesn’t perform spectacularly well for itself, but still manages to clear revenue of $2942 and book a profit of $52 per minute.

Find out what other companies earn over at Worldpayz Inc.

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