iOS 7 Bug Lets Thieves Disable Find My iPhone, Delete iCloud Account

As it stands now, Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is pretty much your only hope when it comes to tracking down a stolen device. But thanks to a recently uncovered bug in iOS 7, even that little layer of protection can be rendered totally useless.

Normally, disabling Find My iPhone requires users to enter their Apple ID passwords, thwarting any iPhone-jackers trying to delete an iCloud account or restore a device. But as YouTube user Miguel Alvarado discovered, all you need to do to bypass that passcode is hit the “delete account” button and the Find My iPhone disable switch at the same time. As soon as the password prompt pops up, turn the phone off, restart, and you’ll be free to go into the iCloud settings and wreak havoc.

Hopefully, now that the bug is out in the open, Apple will work on finding a fix as soon as possible. Until then, keep your phone locked with a passcode. That way, thieves won’t be able to access the bug in the first place. [9to5 Mac]