Oreo Fed Me Strange Cookie-Concocted Recipes And I Didn’t Die

Oreo Fed Me Strange Cookie-Concocted Recipes And I Didn’t Die

Traditionally, you’d eat an Oreo straight of the box, or sometimes very recently dipped in a glass of milk. The people at Oreo felt the need to show that their biscuit is more diverse than that, however, so they put it in a bunch of weird recipes and made me eat the result in order to prove something about the future. Gizmodo tried these foods so you don’t have to.

A few bowls of popcorn were placed around the event, with black flakes of ground Oreo on them. I can only assume they sprinkled the crushed Oreo using the Oreo pepper shaker they demo’d later on:

In retrospect, this was probably the tastiest thing they served the entire time. Unfortunately, in other words, they peaked early and the rest of the food was only subpar. But we pressed on.

According to Oreo, a commercial on the air not too long ago showed someone eating an Oreo pressed around a fork — like this:

In fact, it was that specific commercial, they explained, and the technique it showcased, that inspired this “Snack Hack.” Oreo wanted to show people other fun and interesting ways to enjoy the timeless cookie. To do this, they brought in three different chefs each with his own take on how to shake it up.

First up: an Oreo Shandy.

Prepared by Micahel Voltaggio, the “Oreo Shandy” is pretty simple. You liquefy lemon-flavored Oreos into water, then blend the results with syrup until smooth. Strain the liquid out and fill a glass with your half-beer, half-Oreo science concoction. Maybe even garnish it with a lemon. It ends up looking like this:

Personally, I wasn’t a fan. Also, I must have had at least three and didn’t even get buzzed — but what can you expect from watered-down beer.

Michael also prepared a dish of Oreo nachos with strawberry dip.

It requires 36 Oreo cookies, 1 cup of flour, and some water. Blend the ingredients until dough is formed. Cut the dough in half and flatten each ball out paper thin. Put the dough on cookie sheets, cut them up into nacho-like pieces, and then throw it into a preheated oven for 15 minutes.

When they’re done, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar on them and serve with sliced strawberries. The nachos weren’t bad, to be honest:

After Michael finished his demo, Roy Choi stepped up to show us how to use this childhood favourite to teach children basic cooking techniques.

He prepared what were basically chicken tenders, but with some Oreos ground up in the breadcrumbs. The process of cooking the tenders is just like any other — but Choi stresses the need to teach kids that cooking is fun and to make sure they understand the basics.

The tenders were delicious, although the Oreo flavour was very minimal.

Nyugen Tran followed up for the closing act by showing us how to make the most tooth-rotting recipe I have ever seen.

All you need is some Oreos, cherry soda, peanuts, and pound cake. You let the cookies dissolve in the soda, then you take them out and put them into a bowl where you mash the peanuts and pound cake all together.

It takes all of a few minutes to make, and it ends up looking like this:

It tastes pretty awful, too. But, who knows, maybe you’ll like it, especially if you’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth that no other candy or flavour has been able to cure.

After that, we ate some more Oreos and the event ended. It was definitely fun to attend, and I appreciate Oreo for inviting me. Each chef had a unique take and it did, in fact, make me want to go home and cook — which I guess makes it an overall success?

I’ve posted the four detailed recipes below for your reference — enjoy at your own risk.

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