Dyson’s Cordless DC59: A True Replacement For A Full-Sized Vac

Dyson’s Cordless DC59: A True Replacement For A Full-Sized Vac

They started out as dustbusters that actually worked, but Dyson’s cordless vacuums have improved to the point where they’re very nearly a viable alternative to full-sized models. Especially now that they come with a powered cleaning head, capable of really tackling the crustiest of carpets.

The DC59 Motorhead is the company’s first cordless vacuum to integrate a direct-drive electric motor into the cleaning head, spinning the brushes with enough force to dislodge dust and debris buried in carpets, and ensuring that anything stuck to hard floors gets swept up into the suction.

Dyson’s Cordless DC59: A True Replacement For A Full-Sized Vac

Compared to the previous model, the DC59 Animal, revealed at the beginning of the year, the upgraded DC59 Motorhead has 75 per cent more brush power, Dyson claims. Which means that you probably won’t have to go over a spill or a particularly dirty spot again and again to get it clean.

The spinning bar inside the cleaning head also has some tricks of its own for helping the vacuum suck up tiny particles. While a set of nylon bristles beat carpet fibres into submission, a set of carbon fibre filaments reduce the build-up of static charges that attract dust away from the suction. And if dirt still won’t budge, a ‘MAX’ power mode can be activated that increases suction, at the cost of battery life.

On a full charge Dyson claims the new DC59 Motorhead will run for about 24 minutes straight, but that will certainly be reduced if you’re dealing with thick shag carpeting, or activating the aforementioned ‘MAX’ mode.

Dyson’s Cordless DC59: A True Replacement For A Full-Sized Vac

So if you’re tasked with cleaning an entire full-sized house in one pass, a larger corded vacuum will probably still be the way to go. But for everyday vacuuming tasks, it’s hard not to recommend the DC59 Motorhead — available for $599 in Australia — as an easier way to go about cleaning. Its included wall dock keeps it perpetually charged when not in use, and at less than 3kg it’s much easier to carry up and down stairs, or even out to a french-fry-covered car.

The powered cleaning head is probably the best reason to put your current vacuum on Craigslist though. Cordless vacuums have alwaysucked when it comes to carpets. But with a better battery and more efficient electric motor, the DC59 Motorhead can afford to send some of that power down to the cleaning head’s motor without completely destroying its runtime. This means it can probably outperform other full-sized vacuums on the market, without the hassle of wrangling a power cord around furniture in the process. [Dyson]

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