The Defender: A Smart Self-Defence Wand To Get You Out Of Trouble

You probably have a friend that doesn’t feel safe in their neighbourhood at night. It might even be you that doesn’t feel all that secure when roaming the streets. You might have a small knife, pepper spray or even a gun in your backpack, satchel or purse to deter potential assailants. If any of this rings a bell, you might want to consider backing The Defender: a “smart personal protection device” designed to keep you safe in dangerous situations.

The Defender is based on a pretty simple concept: it’s a smart gadget to keep you safe when things go South at night.

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and features law-enforcement-grade pepper spray so you can injure a potential assailant. When you click the button to deploy the stinging spray, the Defender snaps a photo of the assailant and sends it straight to a 24/7 monitoring service who quickly deploy law enforcement to your location.

The Defender costs anywhere between $US159 for early adopters of the crowdfunding effort, or $US179 retail. [Defender via TechCrunch]

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