Optus Overhauls Pre-Paid Offerings To Give You A Pretty Sweet Deal

The new pre-paid offerings come with a nice, long expiry time of six months for any credit applied to the service, low international rates with no flagfall and 4G coverage across the board. 4G was only available on certain pre-paid plans.

The rejigged pre-paid options include three different value tiers. Previously, Optus only had one daily pre-paid offer in market in the form of its $2 days. It has now expanded that to two daily offers, while beefing up its monthly deals to match the post-paid BYO MyPlan offerings.

My Prepaid Daily

This is the new, budget option for those who really don’t use their phone often.

$1 per day gets you 30 minutes of standard calls, unlimited standard national SMS and MMS and 40MB per day of included data. If you exceed any of those, Optus automatically bumps you up to a $1.50 per day tier for that day which gets you unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 80MB of data. If you exceed the amount of data on the $1.50 plan, Optus has another tier for you which costs just $0.50 extra for 50MB of data.

If you exceed the 430MB of data in the Prepaid Daily offer, you can call Optus or use the app to add more data for an extra $0.50 per 50MB.

If you use the minimum amount offered on the $1 per day plan, you’ll be getting 900 minutes of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS messages and 1.2GB of data per month, for just $30. Provided you can stay under the daily maximum, that’s actually a pretty good deal.

Of course, if you don’t use your phone at all in a day, it won’t cost you a cent. The $1 kicks in when the phone is in use for stuff, although, given that most smartphones automatically ping out different services for data, it’s a fair bet you’ll be charged as long as your phone is switched on.

My Prepaid Daily Plus

The new Prepaid Daily Plus is the old $2 Days offer with a pleasant little makeover.

As before, $2 per day gets you unlimited standard minutes, and unlimited standard SMS and MMS messages, and a total of 500MB of data to use per day. If you go over and above that 500MB inclusion, Optus will automatically bump you up to a new tier for $2 extra.

That additional tier gets you an extra 524MB of data to use for the day. Again, if you want to add more than the $4 offer gets you, you can call Optus or use the app to add more data for an extra $2 per 500MB.

Also, it’s nice to see Optus giving customers the full 1024MB when referring to 1GB of data, rather than competitors who only offer 1000MB and pass it off as 1GB.

My Prepaid Monthly

Then there’s the traditional offering: the monthly bundle.

These new monthly pre-paid offerings closely resemble the BYO-phone MyPlan offerings Optus refreshed recently.

$30 gets you up to 350 minutes of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS, 1GB of data and $5 extra credit for international calls and premium service. A $45 recharge gets you unlimited minutes and messaging, 2GB of data and $10 of premium credit, while the top tier will set you back $60 and get you 5GB of data and $15 of extra premium credit.

These new offers come into market from next Monday.

Would you use pre-paid over a plan? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

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