Android Continues To Gain Market Share Over Apple’s iOS In Australia

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, one of the most authoritative data providers on global smartphone market share, has released its latest survey findings for the three months to July, and Android continues to gain ground in Australia.

It shows Android continues to gain ground in the battle for market share in Australia. Apple’s iOS market share is flat at 27% (up 0.1%) from the same period last year, while Android phones are now pushing the two-thirds market share threshold, with 66.5% market share compared to 63.4% last year. The Windows platform was down 1 percentage point to 5.7%.

The numbers set an intriguing benchmark ahead of the release of the iPhone 6 this month. Apple may be stalled in terms of market share, but the Android growth is not coming at Apple’s expense.

Globally, the big surprise is the emergence of Xiaomi in China, the world’s biggest market. Xiaomi now has almost 32.6% of the manufacturer market in China, followed by Samsung and Huawei.

Kantar’s strategic insight director Dominic Sunnebo said Samsung was successfully starting to execute on Apple’s long-standing marketing approach of graduating existing new users up to newer models. “Some 52% of customers who bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 in Great Britain had previously owned a Samsung model, while 20% were previous Apple owners, and 18% moved from HTC,” Sunnebo said. “Apple is very good at giving existing customers a reason to remain loyal to the brand and to upgrade to new models when released. Samsung is becoming increasingly adept at employing the same tactic.”

Android market share in Australia, though large, is still behind other key advanced markets. Android’s share in the US is 62.9%, and in Britain it’s 59.5%.

But in other countries, Android is utterly dominant. France is 75% Android, Germany is 82%, and China is 85%.

Originally published on Business Insider Australia