The Australian Federal Police Accidentally Left A Bomb In Someone’s Luggage At Sydney Airport

Oh boy. Oh brother. The Australian Federal Police have apologised today after realising that they’d left a cheeky bomb at Sydney Airport after a training exercise. Is this real life?

It all started when canine instructors from the Australian Federal Police conducted a security training exercise at Sydney Airport, which involved hiding 230 grams of plastic explosive inside an unclaimed bag.

The explosives weren’t collected following the exercise, and the suitcase was later accidentally given to a woman as a replacement after her bag was damaged during a flight.

The plastic explosive was taken to Cessnock Police Station after the woman who was given the replacement suitcase discovered the material. The police then evacuated the station as a precaution.

The Federal Police have specified that the device wasn’t live, it was just your standard bit of plastic explosive. No biggie (loljks it really is).

The AFP uses the plastic explosives in suitcases to train bomb-sniffing dogs on where to look during security operations.

The AFP issued an apology over the incident this afternoon. The canine instructor who left the explosives at the airport is now the subject of an investigation.

Let’s hope the AFP is more careful with our metadata than it is with things that literally blow up.

Bomb dog image via Shutterstock

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