Can The iPhone 6 Pass The Justin Timberlake Scream Test? [Video]

A new plague has infected concert-goers around the world: the condition where the person in front of you must hold up their crappy smartphone to take a video of whoever is performing. Mostly the videos taken at concerts on smartphones are rubbish, but we tested the iPhone 6 last night at a Justin Timberlake concert and were pleasantly surprised by how it held up as a “concert phone”.

Despite the fact that the bass was rattling the eyes out of my head and the screaming fangirls were enough to pierce even the hardiest of ear-drums, the iPhone 6 Plus managed to take a great video with fantastic sound.

Most concert videos normally have distorted sound, terrible visuals due to the bright stage lights and darkened venue, and they’re awfully shaky thanks to the drunk person holding it. We got little to none of that on the iPhone 6.

There is a wee bit of shake in the final version when viewed on anything else but the iPhone. As we mentioned yesterday, the Photos app does some sneaky frame cropping to make the whole image look way more stable as you take it, but that effect doesn’t continue once you export the video like we have here. For what it’s worth, we didn’t change anything in the videos, just mashed a few clips together in Final Cut.

So here’s some consumer advice: of you’re one of those people who has to annoy the people behind you with the smartphone you hold up, at least make sure it’s one that can take decent videos.

Luke Hopewell attended the Justin Timberlake concert as a guest of Acer.