LG’s New Curved, Ultra HD, OLED TVs Are A Triple Threat

We’ve talked in the last couple of years about the ceaseless march of R&D when it comes to the displays on TV, and the downsides that come with it. 4K is new, OLED is new, curved panels are new — and they’re (almost) never seen in the same TV. If you don’t know which is the superior tech, and which to choose for your next TV, don’t worry. LG has made the right decision for you — all of them.

The stars of LG’s most recent tranche of TV announcements (stay tuned for the full list) are the 65-inch EC970T and 77-inch EG970T, launching through “selected outlets” in November and before the end of the year respectively. These new large-screen TVs have a perfect combination of three high-tech display technologies, so if you’ve been tempted by previous models with only one or two, there’s no reason to hold off any more.

Firstly, they’re both OLED, using a panel constructed of high-tech organic compounds activated by electricity — able to produce perfectly dark blacks, blindingly bright whites, and vibrant, accurate colours across a wide gamut. Secondly, they’re both 4K (or Ultra HD, whatever you want to call it), with a massively detailed resolution of 3840×2160 pixels that is four times that offered by your measly garden variety Full HD screen. Thirdly, they’re both curved, which isn’t especially important for that TV-maker buzzword immersion, but for the fact that it lets viewers sit closer and experience an effectively larger screen size.

The only problem? You’ll have to pay for the privilege. The 65-inch EC970T is $9,999, and the 77-inch EG970T is $22,999. That’s a fair bit of money, but especially compared to a lesser high-end Ultra HD or curved TV, the combination of all three means that there is a clear reason to pick the top-of-the-line model and justify spending those hard-earned dollars. [LG]

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