Out Of Thermal Paste For Your PC? Just Use Nutella

Out Of Thermal Paste For Your PC? Just Use Nutella

If you’ve ever gone elbow-deep inside your computer to do some tweaking, you know all about the joys(?) of meticulously applying thermal paste or grease. Even if you’re a pro at applying the goop, there’s a trick that you probably don’t know about: You can just use Nutella instead. Seriously.

As CoolMaster demonstrates in this video he made for International Nutella Day (of course there’s an International Nutella Day), the sweetened hazelnut confection is edible, spreadable, and will keep your CPU at a workable temperature! Not that you’d ever want to actually use it for anything other than a one-off video. As Geek.com points out, the Nutella will inevitably dry out and stop working, not to mention that it has enough sodium in it that corrosion could be a serious problem.

Most worrying — at least to someone like me who has seen his fair share of pictures of roach-infested computers (DON’T CLICK) floating around the internet — is the possibility of introducing some flesh-and-blood, old-school bugs into your system. All practicality aside though, it’s a sweet little trick. How the hell do you find out that’s possible? [CoolMaster via Geek.com]

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