There Is A Secret Gold Link Apple Watch, And Beyoncé Has It

There Is A Secret Gold Link Apple Watch, And Beyoncé Has It

Beyoncé recently wore a gold link Apple Watch at Coachella — but it’s not one of the Apple Watch bracelets available to buy, at least not yet. Elderly Draco Malfoy impersonator Karl Lagerfeld also had his wrist photographed clad in this mysterious gold link Apple Watch.

Two celebrities, one likely upsettingly expensive watch, so many questions: Is Apple making a secret CELEBS ONLY Apple Watch? Or is it using celebrities to hawk an upcoming entry into the super-luxe watch market?

Apple is definitely jumping into the luxury fashion market with its high-end (and ridiculously expensive) luxury Apple Watch bands. These wearables are supposed to make you feel rich. But, as The Verge pointed out, it looks like Apple is withholding some of its highest-end designs from the general public.

But Apple’s store doesn’t sell a gold link bracelet — even if you’re buying the Edition, which starts at $US10,000. In fact, across all its current configurations, the Apple Watch Edition can’t be ordered with any metal bracelet in the box at all. The “classic” and “modern” leather bands that Apple sells feature clasps and buckles that, like the Edition itself, are crafted from 18-karat gold.

Huh. And while Jony Ive showed off some new Watch designs in Milan, none of them looked like this opulent band.

The caption on Lagerfeld’s wrist glamor shot, Instagrammed by his ebullient assistant Sebastien Jondeau, reads “1st apple watch specially made for KarL!! Amazing!!!”

That lends credence to Secret Celebrity Watch theory: Perhaps this ultra-fancy version was made exclusively for the ultra-fancy with famous names. Lagerfeld tried on the PEASANT versions of the Apple Watch last year with Jony Ive, so it’s clear they know each other.

Is this a guerrilla marketing campaign or just Apple sucking up to its celebrity fanbase? I don’t know! I’ve contacted Apple to ask if this version of the bracelet will go on sale to the plebes and I’ll update if I hear back.

In the meantime, let’s speculate on all the other custom high-end gadgetry celebrities are (or aren’t) getting. Does Taylor Swift have a Vertu phone? Do the Wahlbergs squabble when Mark gets gifted diamond encrusted Nexuses and Donnie gets a broken Blackberry chucked at his head?

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