Watch Adam Savage Build The Ultimate Captain’s Chair

Watch Adam Savage Build The Ultimate Captain’s Chair

Admit it: you’ve looked longingly at Captain Kirk’s bulky but oddly attractive leather chair and thought “yes, I need that in my life.” It’s ok. We all have. Even Adam Savage. Especially Adam Savage.

Savage didn’t seek his mission to build the ultimate Star Trek command seat — it was thrust upon him. About a year ago, he bought a Kirk chair off eBay, and its awful quality and blatant disregard for screen accuracy disgusted him. The chair taunted him for a year, motivating him to build his own — which he and his friend Jeremy Williams just tricked out with a ton of awesome custom lights, sound effects and secret buttons.

You can see the whole project (minus the chair itself, Savage actually built that back in January) in Tested’s One Day Build video above. Savage and Williams figure out what kind of logic board they need, troubleshoot some busted LED arrays and struggle with a lot of wires. The end result is amazing, though: every button on Savage’s chair does something, from controlling lights, to firing phasers, to talking to the Enterprise computer. He’s even got a direct line to engineering, complete with panicked playback responses from Mr. Scott. It’s glorious, and I’m jealous. [YouTube]

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