Genius Flat Edge Scissors Guarantee A Perfectly Straight Cut

Genius Flat Edge Scissors Guarantee A Perfectly Straight Cut

There hasn’t been much innovation in scissors since Crayola started making safer versions for kids. That’s why Tamás Fekete’s Vector scissors are so exciting. They feature a unique flat edge design that allows you to cut perfectly straight lines with the help of the edge of a table.

You don’t need a ruler, a guide, or to even mark a line where you need to cut. A table with a flat edge is the only requirement, because the unique handle on the Vector scissors is designed to rest on its top edge, while the blades sit snugly against the side while you cut.

The scissors can also be used for any other cutting task, even freehand cutting curves and rounded shapes, without feeling awkward in the hand. They work exactly like the scissors already in your kitchen utility drawer, but with the added benefit of a more functionally designed set of handles.

They’re genius, which is why it’s extra disappointing that Fekete’s Indiegogo campaign for the scissors didn’t succeed. He was trying to raise $US38,000 to help put the Vectors into production, but only managed to amass just over $US4000 in donations. That doesn’t mean we’ll never see these on store shelves one day, it just means that Fekete needs to find another way to make his clever creation a reality.

[Indiegogo via designboom]

Genius Flat Edge Scissors Guarantee A Perfectly Straight Cut

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