Watch Author Chuck Palahniuk Read Fight Club 4 Kids

Fight Club is not that high on the list of age-appropriate books for children. But what about Fight Club 4 Kids? Somehow, I don’t think adding sweet cartoons and simplifying that narrative is going to help much. Well, that was until I heard it read aloud by author Chuck Palahniuk. Spoiler warning if you’ve never read or seen Fight Club.

Before we continue, no, “Fight Club 4 Kids” is not a real thing. Darn it though, I kind of wish it was now. The gentle-voiced Palahniuk actually makes it sound delightful and I could easily see him in a class room reading such a book.

Whether he’d be welcome after the first page or two, that’s another question entirely.

Of course, it’s not called “Fight Club”, but rather the more easily digested “Horsing Around Club”, which doesn’t allow weapons. And it almost works, if somehow there wasn’t quite so much swearing… or the beating of Jared Leto into a bloody pulp.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]