The Most Dangerous Motorcycle Race In The World Meets The Drone Master

The Most Dangerous Motorcycle Race In The World Meets The Drone Master

Over 200 people have been killed racing the Isle of Man TT. Who are they and why do they do that? A new film from the world’s top aerial cinematographers seeks to answer that question.

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Its makers, Berlin’s Studio Kippenberger say In Loving Memory is, “A tribute film to all the fallen heroes of the Isle of Man TT race since 1907. A look at what drew them to the race and kept them there.”

Despite its international renown, the TT is a relatively small event. One that does not enjoy the factory participation of any major manufacturer and in which most famous racers are not permitted by their sponsors to participate. It’s a weird little sideshow to the rest of the motorcycle racing world, an even more dangerous event in a world that’s already death-defying at its safest.

And as such, it doesn’t often enjoy the attention of serious film makers from outside motorcycling. Studio Kippenberger assembles the most talented automotive shooters and editors, then gives them a sandbox to play in. This time, that was on a weird little island with no speed limits in the middle of the Irish Sea. And their artistic, human-led approach is what makes this movie unique.

Vimeo paid for production and is selling the film online for $US4.99. I’ve seen it and it’s probably the most compelling 15 minutes of motorcycling I’ve ever watched.

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