All The News You Missed Overnight: Microsoft’s New Band Looks Much More Wearable

All The News You Missed Overnight: Microsoft’s New Band Looks Much More Wearable

Microsoft’s super huge, Oct. 6 hardware event is quickly approaching, and while Windows enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting new Lumia smartphones and an upgrade to the apparently successful Surface Pro lineup, Microsoft’s black sheep, the Band, could bring with it a few surprises of its own.

Technology is filled with all kinds of rumours and speculation — real and fabricated. BitStream collects all those whispers into one place to deliver your morning buzz.

Although Microsoft Band had some good ideas with its freshman activity tracker last year, it fell a little short on the wearable scale. Mainly, it was ultra bulky and uncomfortable and the touch screen interface wasn’t very good. It seems Microsoft is looking to tackle those very issues.

In leaked images provided by Microsoft Insider, we get a pretty convincing look at Microsoft’s next wearable attempt. Of course, looks can only get you so far. It has to have the apps and the functionality to back it up. We’ll know if the new Band is a triple threat in a few weeks. [Microsoft Insider]

All The News You Missed Overnight: Microsoft’s New Band Looks Much More Wearable

About Those Next Nexii: Google’s made it official that a September 29 event that will focus primarily on Google’s next Nexus smartphones. As for the names? Well, they’re a little weird. Droid Life reports that the next Nexus phones will be labelled the 5x and 6p. X for extra and P for Plus? I guess we’ll find out a week from today. [Droid Life]

Oh, and Chromecasts: Very rarely do Nexus smartphones arrive in a vacuum. Last year, we got the Nexus Player and this year it seems like there will be two new Chromecast devices coming our way. The first will be the second generation of the device we know and love, but there’s also a second gadget, reportedly called Chromecast Audio and codenamed “Hendrix” that will essentially wifi-enable all the speakers in your home. This new device plugs in via 3.5mm headphone port and whamo — wifi fun times. [9to5 Google]

Smartphone Payments Plans Are the Future: Apple pulled a little shock and awe during its iPhone when it announced that you could now buy its latest smartphone through a payment plan in the US, allowing you to get the newest phone every year with Apple Care included. Now, Samsung — who are the purveyors of Android’s most expensive smartphones (that aren’t ridiculously stupid) — may adopt the idea by creating their own leasing program. The price-per-month was not mentioned. [Fortune]

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