The Current State Of USB Type-C

The new USB C standard is awesome. It doesn’t matter which way you plug it in, it’s tough, it’s fast and it’s going to become the new default connector. So where the heck is it? These are the devices that have it available right now.

USB Type-C can do a lot of things. Video. 10Gbps data transfers. Charge your laptop. Charge your phone faster. But all that only helps if you can actually get it.

USB Type-C also promised to let you connect all sorts of external devices, such as a GPU dock. Using Intel’s Thunderbolt 3, USB Type-C can get double the bandwidth, up to 40 Gbps.

You can’t yet find USB Type-C flash drives through the big retailers such as Dick Smith, but there are plenty of them available online.

Most are dual ended – with a standard USB port on one end and USB C on the other. This setup is pretty handy and also allows you to copy data of a USB C equipped phone.

One thing to keep in mind – while they are USB Type-C and can support USB 3.1, it doesn’t mean they are any faster. With plenty of bandwidth available, the limiting factor is the flash drive itself, not the interface.

There are only a few models of USB Type-C flash drives actually available in Australia.

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3C

SanDisk Dual USB Drive Type-C

Silicon Power Mobile C80

There are a few more brands if you are willing to buy from overseas.

Verbatim Type-C USB

Transcend JetFlash 890

USB cables (mostly unbranded) are available online through various retailers, or marketplaces such as eBay.

One of the first USB C equipped laptops was the Chromebook Pixel, but it has a pretty limited appeal.

The new Macbook went all out by making it’s only connector USB C, much to the disappointment of anyone who likes to charge and plug things in at the same time without buying and carrying an extra adapter.

Most new higher end motherboards include at least one USB C port (on the board or as a PCIe card), and you can buy expansion cards for your existing computer.

Impressively, the new Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA brings the USB Type-C connector to a low cost laptop.

The first phone to feature USB C was leTV One Max, but it’s not something that made it downunder.

The OnePlus Two also embraced the new connector early on.

Many new phones now include USB C, and most of the upcoming models are moving to the new plug.

The new Lumia 950 and 950XL feature USB Type-C

The new Nexus phones use USB Type-C, but drop their traditional Qi wireless charging.

Interestingly Apple has stuck with the lightning connector on the iPhone for now, but may make the jump in the future.

What’s your favourite product that supports USB Type-C today? Tell us in the comments.

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