Android Users Can Now Use Instagram’s 3D Touch

Instragram has found a way for Android users to get the same functionality iPhone users enjoy with their 3D Touch feature. The solution? Just press longer.

By long pressing an image, the new update will bring up a preview for you. Sort of a quicker, non-committal, soft view of the image.

The folks at Android Police have a video showing it off:

The “long” press isn’t even that long, and Instagram have made it so you can either drag your finger away to get rid of the preview, or just hit one of the share buttons before your lift your finger for a quick share, so you can rapidly sort through your feed at the speed of teen social validation.

Time was, we used to make fun of the technologically impaired for pressing harder on things. It’s like your friend who pushes the Xbox controller buttons with 100 per cent strength to punch harder in the game, or leans right or left in real life while turning. Now, it’s the new tech trend.

[Android Police]

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