Star Wars Marketing Is Even More Absurd Around The World

Star Wars Marketing Is Even More Absurd Around The World

Human culture has reached a point of no return. The overwhelming barrage of Star Wars merchandise has pulverized the last remaining crumbs of our consumer dignity. Consider this product and cry with us: Star Wars Chicken Hot Dogs with Built-in Ketchup. And it gets worse.

The following photos were taken in several supermarkets in Hungary, just two days until the premiere of the new Star Wars movie. The movie’s not even out yet, and it’s hard to find food that’s not Star Wars-branded. What’s especially odd is that the new food items aren’t even necessarily specific to The Force Awakens. Behold the force of Lucasfilm’s marketing machine.

Star Wars Chicken Frankfurter Snack with Built-in Ketchup

Star Wars Foie Gras Cream (in a tube)

Star Wars Flavored Water (lemon, apple, and strawberry flavours)

Star Wars Multifruit Soft Drink (with surprise egg)

Star Wars Trading Cards

Star Wars Tattoo Book with Snack (which appears to be a surprise)

Star Wars Super Sweet Canned Corn

Star Wars Cereals with with Free 3D Pencil toppers

Star Wars Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Star Wars 1.5% Milk (in a box)

Star Wars PEZ Dispensers

I bought a few of these items and took a few shots in my Terry R. Home Studio. Feel free to share the photos with your friends!

“May the force be with you” – says the grey text in Hungarian

Rebel vitamin

Collect all the toys!

The surprise is that you get three pieces of useless junk

The dark side of the Star Wars merchandise

The ketchup is strong with this one

A million geese cried out in terror…

…at the sight of Darth Vader Foie Gras

Liver long and prosper… wait wrong movie…

Action-packed sliced chicken breast

You get six slices per pack

And it’s actually pretty bad

Photos: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo

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